You Know What? Ginger Cookies, That’s What.

A few days ago I got up early to go for a run. It was still dark outside. So dark, in fact, that I couldn’t run along the bosque trail where I usually run. I simply couldn’t see and I was certain that a pack of coyotes would be lurking in the dark ready to attack me. A pack of coyotes or a pack of serial killers. Or both.

Then last night I drank about 20 cups of hot tea to try to stay warm, and I unpacked my “serious” wool sweater for the winter. It’s made by a British company that has been in the wool-sweater-makin’ business for more than 80 years. Carla bought it for me last year in a futile attempt to get me to stop repeating, “I’m cold.”

 And today when I woke up it was 23˚ outside and I ran late because I didn’t realize I’d have to scrape the ice off the windshield.

In short, winter has arrived.  And there is only one way that I know to combat the short days; cold weather; and bleak, brown, barren landscape of a New Mexico winter: cookies. Especially ginger cookies. These ginger cookies are the best kind: slightly crunchy on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside. I like to hold one in my fist and shout toward the heavens, “Take that, Winter!”

 Each cookie is like a little handful of gingery, spicy warmth. Made with both ground ginger and candied ginger, they definitely pack a serious punch of flavor. Have one with a cup of hot cider. Have one while you wear your wool sweater and laugh at the ice on the windshield.  Have one, and then have another, and enjoy the winter.

The Recipe is from a March, 2000 edition of Bon Appétit. You can find it here. Enjoy and stay warm!

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One Response to You Know What? Ginger Cookies, That’s What.

  1. What beautiful photos and an explanation of how this bon appetit recipe helps during New Mexico winters. Please, add a link to your site for my readers with your personal writing flair 5 reasons to include Ginger in your diet

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